Faculty across campus are sharing their feelings on why forming a union will be a positive move for this esteemed Liberal Arts institution. A seat at the decision making table. More security in our jobs. Better pay and benefits. Using our collective brainpower and understanding of our respective fields to work with the Goucher College Administation.


Here's what goucher faculty are saying

The Goucher community is built upon our common values of respect, inclusion, social justice and responsibility. These principles are why many students choose to attend Goucher and why many faculty members enjoy teaching here. The unionization of contingent faculty at Goucher embodies these principles and creates a space for a very real foundation of the education our students receive.


This Goucher College professor talks about how he has been faced with perpetual financial insecurity during his academic carreer, depite having a PhD in Sociology. This is a chronic problem in academia across America right now. The effort to unionize contingent faculty is aimed at rectifying this problem at Goucher and in general.